Thursday, November 23, 2006

way more than turkey

in honor of the day and because i do not cultivate an attitude of gratitude nearly enough, i present you a small list (by no means exhaustive and in no particular order) of things for which i am thankful today....

1. freedom
2. having some dear friends with whom i am truly close and who have let me in to their lives in a significant way
3. financial stability (no matter how transient)
4. the love of a Father who is far more steadfast and long-suffering than i could ever hope to be
5. the clarity to understand who i am
6. an apartment full of memories and lots of little things that make me happy
7. plenty of food to eat (you should see the refrigerator, stuffed with today's dinner)
8. parents who love me and whom i'm proud to call my friends:)
9. a sound mind and a heart that is open to hope
10. the dream of something even more than all of this

happy thanksgiving, all. may this day find you truly blessed with an extra measure of all that brings you joy....

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