Sunday, November 12, 2006

slug in the city

okay, so the day is nearer to being over than not, and i really haven't gotten as much done as i had hoped i would. i mean, yes, i made some green tea muffins (trader joe's mix), loaded and ran the dishwasher, worked on freelance, took a nap, and watched a movie, but i can't help but feel like a slacker.

oh, and i also went through some mail and shredded a bunch of credit card offers (i love my shredder!). plus, i had a grilled turkey and provolone sandwich with a layer of cranberry sauce tucked inside (really good, but i still don't feel very well) for a late lunch. i would contemplate dinner, but i don't particularly want to eat anything else. i don't have much of an appetite just now, and i'm trying to roll with it.

i must say - i'm not loving the fact that tomorrow means back to the grind, but until i absolutely have to leave my home, i'm going to hunker down under some blankets and listen to the rain and wind swirling furiously outside my window. it's drafty in my apartment, but there are a few thoughts keeping me warm tonight, not the least of which is that i am loved beyond measure...even if i am a lazy bum.

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kala said...

loved beyond measure makes me think of Jeremy Camp. have you heard that song of his? it is a crazy thought...that i have been given more than beyond measure. life is good.