Sunday, November 19, 2006

sloppy joe...slop-a-sloppy joe

i watched '50 first dates' for the umpteenth time today, and it only further confirmed the fact that i love adam sandler. and the song he sings for drew barrymore's character in the movie (lucy) has the best line....

forgetful lucy
cracked her head like gary busey

i ALWAYS get that part stuck in my head (and right now is no exception). sometimes i even catch myself singing it out loud when i'm doing little random tasks (hanging up my coat, washing a pot, putting on my socks).

which reminds me...adam is the author of the beloved thanksgiving song. listen to it here. and of course, it couldn't be outdone by this.

(i would like to acknowledge that there IS, in fact, a part of me that is clearly a 12-year-old boy.)


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