Saturday, November 18, 2006

over the hump

so, now i have passed the halfway mark of the month (by 3 days, actually), and i've managed to stick with this nablopomo endeavor. honestly, is it too early to feel a little bit proud of myself?

i must admit - i'm actually enjoying feeling this committed to blogging in a way that i haven't in a long time. who knows - maybe i'll try and keep this up beyond december (stranger things have happened).

for now, though, i must go get ready to leave for bethesda. i'm meeting friends at jaleo for lunch, and then i'm off to no va to hang out with a dear friend from back in the day.

the sun is shining, my stomach bug is gone, and my car is all fueled up. it seems, in life, that there's always a bit of adventure waiting around the next turn, and i intend to go and find out what that is....

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