Saturday, November 04, 2006

morning has (not quite) broken

UGH! i tried several times last night to post yesterday's entry on time, but blogger was giving me problemos (and, i might say, this has been happening much too frequently of late). so now it's 6:20 a.m. and i thought i'd try again (and it worked, apparently). but why - you may ask - am i up this early on a saturday morning? well, to be honest, i just had this auditory dream that freaked me out. i am telling you - i heard one loud RING of a phone (which is especially odd, since i don't have a regular phone anymore) and then nothing. it was enough to actually wake me out of what, to me, felt like a dead sleep.

in more pleasant news, i'm getting new mattresses today. a coworker is selling a practically new set of them - in the size of my current bed - and it was too great of a deal to pass up. my current mattress is 10 years old (i bought it right after college), and it's just DEAD. and my poor back...has been suffering because of it for quite awhile now.

SO, this will at least tide me over until i decide to upgrade to a bigger bed someday (if/when i can ever afford it). and, in the meantime, i plan on getting my SLEEP ON....

but for now, i need a shower and some hot tea. the sun's not even up yet. *shudder*

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