Thursday, November 16, 2006

life lesson: roy g. biv

this afternoon, after torrential rain poured down on baltimore for hours and hours, a huge rainbow broke out in the sky. i mean a full, 180-degree arc. and then there was a partial double rainbow on its outside edges. and then, in a moment of what seemed like cinematographic genius, this flock of birds flew through the blanket of sun and clouds, and they were completely illuminated...glowing, even. my coworkers and i stood in the parking lot, transfixed, for a good 15 minutes or was stunning.

the rest of my day was a mixed bag....i left two windows open in my apartment and had to call my rental office to come and shut them (knowing, full well, that i had piles of dirty laundry in my bedroom waiting for the wash - how embarrassing!). i also had a major freak-out that involved a jag of uncontrollable sobbing (i think it's about to be that time of the month - i'm not normally prone to such things). plus, i've been eating a mostly starch diet until my stomach bug fully abates, and i think it's making me grouchy.

but it was during those moments of standing in spitting rain staring at the sky today that i remembered myself as someone who is alive. it astonishes me how infrequently i look often i forget to just wait and observe. i needed the object lesson, in the midst of the madness....the neon sunset after such a storm....the quiet hum of my nearly dark apartment before sleep....the reminder to breathe in, breathe out, be.

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