Wednesday, November 08, 2006

it bears mentioning

today's blog title is a nod to my best pal, because only she will get it, but either way, it's still applicable....

(in no particular order...)

  • the more serious elements of my illness seem to have mostly passed, although i'm still dealing with vestiges.

  • my nails are so long, i almost feel like i have fake ones (this is so unusual for me - you don't even know).

  • i'm a huge, unembarrassed fan of 'the biggest loser.' it makes me feel like i want a theme song to play whenever i do something particularly swell or triumphant.

  • my foot is seriously hurting.

  • this election has made me realize that i care way more about politics than i ever thought i did.

  • lately, when i get very flustered, i've taken to lisping (not on purpose).

  • i got a flu shot today and, surprisingly, i've had very few side-effects.

  • i'm kind of obsessed with drinking slightly frozen grapefruit juice, and as soon as i can tolerate acids again, i'm running out and buying myself at least 3 bottles.

  • i mean it. my nails are really long.

  • long nails go well with fake bling.

okay, that is all.

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