Saturday, November 11, 2006

i'm feeling listy.

here we go....

1. salimah's thesis is pretty much finished. it's been such a long process, i feel like i should get a master's degree along with her:).
2. i'm writing this blog entry with dan fogelberg's 'leader of the band' as a backdrop. classic.
3. i was supposed to go out for sushi tonight, but i can't really stomach it (literally).
4. it still amazes me how much fake bling makes me happy—even on a saturday spent kicking about at home.
5. salimah and i planned out our thanksgiving day menu. i can't wait to get cooking!
6. i've had some epiphanies in the last day or so about my perspective on 'belonging.'
7. i'm having some weird attachment to old oprah magazines. i think i need an intervention.
8. next weekend i'm slated to have a tapas lunch with two old friends.
9. i'm making a late-night grocery shopping trip tonight to wegman's. i'm actually rather stoked.
10. i'm NOW writing this blog entry with the song 'it's hard out here for a pimp' from the hustle and flow soundtrack as the backdrop. not classic, per se, but a whole different kind of fun.

i got nothing left. see ya sunday.

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