Wednesday, November 15, 2006

i understand fully if you think i'm a huge cheese puff when i make the following statement: i'm seriously invested in who wins 'dancing with the stars' invested, in fact, that i voted online using multiple e-mail addresses. i know. it's a sickness. but at least it's almost over....(for awhile anyway. don't forget that american idol starts up in january - as does 24:)....)

it's been kind of a weird day otherwise, but i frankly don't feel like getting into all of that. let me just say that i've been thinking it through and, if i had a few select people in front of me, here's what i'd say:

1. i miss you.
2. i wish you'd call me.
3. i'm sorry i never called you.
4. i'm sorry i never wrote you back.
5. i'm just sorry.
6. are you even kidding me?
7. please stop the madness.
8. yes. yes. a million times yes.

okay, so now that i've been vague as can be, i'm going to the post office. peace out.

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