Wednesday, November 29, 2006


okay, since it's before 11 p.m., let me try and sum up my life.

to recap, although a woman hit my car last night at the cathedral of mary our queen, there was absolutely no damage done, so i'm not pursuing the matter further. besides, i was a tad stern with her, and she apologized. i was a bit incredulous, still, but what more can i do? it's not like i was going to go all cujo on her hind parts.

this weekend was just divine. after scoring isabella on friday evening, salimah and i took a late-night ride around (one must christen the new vehicle) before coming home to zonk out. saturday we drove out to frederick and had lunch with my mom and dad, who were on their way home from the family gathering in pa. afterwards, we hung out with two of my other gal pals that evening and had wine and appetizers and talked the night away. sunday, i got a bunch of work done in the morning and then s and i went to see 'stranger than fiction,' which was just fantastic. really, if you haven't seen it, i'd give it two thumbs up. and what's more, it's a fun movie to deconstruct afterwards over dinner, which is just what we did. conveniently, there's a california pizza kitchen right across the parking lot from the theatre, and we had a lovely, relaxed meal before calling it a weekend.

i went back to work on monday feeling rather rested, because although i had done a lot of different things, i didn't have to travel anywhere far, and i've realized in recent years, THAT is what exhausts me. getting to sleep in my own home is just better for my body, mind, and soul. don't get me wrong - i love to travel. i just wish i could bring my bedroom with me wherever i go....

so, let's see, not much else on tap for the next couple of days except poetry group on friday night. between now and then, i'll just be doing the, more work, some tv, a bit more work, then sleep.

but don't you worry. the month ain't over yet. i'll still stop by here at least once till thursday:).

oh, and in case you're wondering, the thanksgiving leftovers are finally gone! talk about accomplishment....

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