Friday, November 10, 2006

the brewer's art

tonight, i spent the evening just as it should be: out to dinner with friends, enjoying lovely food, good wine, and conversation that had even fellow patrons drinking that extra cup of coffee just to make sure they heard the end of one trail or another.

now, unfortunately, i'm feeling a little less than stellar. oh matter. i still must tell what i ate:

fig and goat cheese crêpe (that had been fried crisp)
braised beef short ribs with a mushroom-potato concoction (all i know is that there was cream involved)
lemon tarte with fresh berries (it was TRULY a tart tarte - so citrusy and delightful)
pinot noir (a light and smooth complement)

honestly, right up until the moment that i started to notice that i was in pain, i was loving that kind of evening that only single women can have. it was, quite simply, the perfect entrée into the weekend (pun very much intended).

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