Sunday, October 15, 2006

relative accomplishment

well, after many hours of tidying, dusting, vacuuming, scrubbing, and garbaging (okay, so i made that one up), my apartment has reached a level of cleanliness with which i can be satisfied—at least for now.

i don't want to be overly newsy (but deal with it, because i've got nothing pithy to say), so here's a brief rundown of the rest of my saturday:

1. quick visit with my very good friend kim that involved, among other things, talk about cookie decorating
2. trip to macy's with salimah (at which i purchased a cuisinart juicer i've been wanting for about 2 years—it was on sale) so that SHE could get a DVD player, only to find out that they no longer sell electronics: bummer
3. grocery store (quick trip)
4. chicken thighs mounded with cornbread-sour cherry-cashew stuffing—buttery and crisp after baking
5. 'click' with adam sandler: in general, enjoyable, but it did get rather macabre at the end
6. laundry: 2 loads
7. sleepsville

today is shaping up to be a visit to freelance town (with some more laundry thrown in). productive weekends really ARE the best, but i'm also kind of wiped out lately. is it wrong that i miss the vegging a little? (food network, i still love you.)

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