Monday, October 23, 2006

i'm being stalked by my cable company for a bill i've already paid.

i'm not sure what to say about that, but their automated system KEEPS calling me and telling me that it's 'urgent we speak with you.' so i patiently wait on the line, and either i get disconnected, or no one ever shows up. (i'm sorry, but if i have to wait for you for more than 5 minutes when YOU CALLED ME, i feel that's beyond the scope of what is reasonable.)

i find it hilarious that, in this day and age, these computerized systems can't seem to synch themselves up. i mean, shouldn't this 'highly sophisticated' piece of auto-calling genius (replete with scary-sounding deep-voiced man) be able to access my account and realize that i've got a ZERO balance? it's smart enough to dial me and harass me; why can't it go the extra step?

thank goodness i've managed to memorize their number so that when they call me sometimes up to THREE times a day, i can promptly ignore the call. perhaps i should just start calling them and leaving THEM stern messages about how they only called me twice today and if you're going to errantly stalk me, you'd better do a better job about it.

that'd teach 'em.

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