Saturday, October 07, 2006

i have a confession to make. last night, at around 3:45, i woke from the place i had zonked out on the couch and then proceeded to obsess about my now-completely-dead phone. i ransacked a few drawers looking for my original packaging, hoping against hope that i might have a USB cord that goes with the phone through which i could download stuff from my phone to my computer. no such luck.

so, instead of getting into bed to get warm and toasty and to, well, go back to SLEEP (and it was SUPER cold in my room, too), i sat at the computer reading blogs and watching youtube videos in a too-thin for the cold nightgown until about 6:30 in the morning. what is wrong with me?

okay, well, i don't quite have the answer to that one, but suffice it to say that i'm going to scrape my nickels and dimes together and see about getting me a new phone today. i can't even call my mother and my best friend. times are tough.

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