Tuesday, October 31, 2006

freak or genius? you decide.

okay, the truth is i don't like halloween. i'm not what you'd call a 'participator.' and i'm not trying to be a debbie downer or whatever, but i'm just really not into it. all the costumes and candy and 'boo' and all that...it's just not really me.

so, you can imagine how thrilled i was when it was decided last week that everyone in my department was required to wear at least one item of 'costume' to this week's team lunch. but you know, i had a moment in which i thought go with it....so i did.

as a result—and because i am a complete freak/genius—i dressed up as the seven-year itch (the costume consisted of a timeline and a back-scratcher).

only 3 people got it (and they were all over 50), but their laughter was well worth it...let me tell ya.

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cat said...

THAT is an awesome costume! Pictures?