Friday, October 13, 2006

birthday cake + dust bunnies = snarky me

i'm so thankful this week is over. i plan on having a long talk with my pillow tonight. seriously, i'm exhausted.

today at work, we had our monthly employee birthday recognition cake. normally, i don't store cakes don't do much for me. but for some reason, i was craving a little something sweet. suffice it to say that i had not only a piece of cake, but a little strawberry ice cream AND some peanut m&ms. i don't think i need to tell you that i was ROLLING on that sugar high. all kinds of funny (or perhaps insane) stuff was flowing from my mouth for the next hour. i'm certain all my coworkers thought (think) i'm even more nuts than they suspected before.

despite the fact that i've already kind of crashed and am now fully in the mellow swing of things, i have to drum up enthusiasm sufficient to clean my HOT MESS of an apartment tonight. and really, i know that it could theoretically wait until tomorrow, but i've got news for you: if i wait, it ain't happening.

so basically, this means i'm in a less than stellar mood.

but you know what? i'm gonna feel so freaking good once i do these chores. i'm going to don my cleaning garb—bandana, sweat pants, flip flops, old t-shirt—and make some headway. those dust bunnies won't even know what hit 'em!

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