Saturday, September 09, 2006

yin and yang, so to speak

before i go out for the day to live my life, i want to say one thing: i have been sitting here evaluating my current situation for the last few weeks, and i've come to some conclusions. unfortunately, some of these are rather personal and, therefore, i cannot share them here. what's the point in me saying this, then? perhaps it's to remind ME when i come back by this post (which, inevitably, i will) that on saturday, september 9, 2006, i knew what it was that i wanted to do in this season of my life...and, of equal importance, what i didn't want to do.

you cannot—i have learned—look at just one side of a coin if you're going to truly understand the coin itself. examine everything—all parts of each situation—and that will yield the most well-thought-out response. i think that, too often in life, we are so intent upon making a decision that feels good that we fail to acknowledge that there will be some sides to the story that feel so much less than that. but it's okay. that's part of life. the bitter comes with the sweet and helps you appreciate it all the more. it's more real that way anyway. without tragedy, pain, loss, loneliness, how would we really understand the fullness of joy, the richness of love, the beauty of forgiveness and discovery and companionship?

i'm getting way too philosophical for a saturday afternoon. suffice it to say i have flipped the coin over, inspected it thoroughly, and made some decisions accordingly. and come what may, acting on those decisions has got to be better than just sitting here writing about them. that's the catch, really. after you inspect both sides of the coin, go out and spend it on the right thing. and i intend to....

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