Sunday, September 24, 2006


the chile party last night was super fun. i got to hang out with some coworkers (and spouses) that i don't visit with nearly enough, and occasionally, some rather inebriated people would show up at our table and announce that we needed another shot (of tequila, of course). the last shot of the evening was done in honor of the guy who shouts 'tequila!' in the song of the same name. he died yesterday at the age of 77.

i wasn't what i would call intoxicated, but i definitely felt rather nice by the end of the evening, and i certainly had no trouble zonking out when we got home. and all throughout my sleep, every time i rolled over and caught a whiff of my hair, i was right back there with my friends, having great talks, and smelling the air, heavy with grilling chile peppers and the smoke from the chiminea in the backyard.

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