Thursday, September 07, 2006

if you've got more legs than i do, you are not welcome in my home....

so, tonight i realized that i have a double bug bite on my upper thigh. no wonder it's been itching like crazy for the last two days. but also, what bug got that far up my pants leg to bite me, not once, but TWICE? either way, stuff like that disturbs me, i think, because of a minor incident that occurred in elementary school involving a cricket that had apparently crawled up the leg of my pants. when i reached down to scratch my leg, i lifted the fabric and the large bug ran down my leg and onto the floor. needless to say, i was traumatized and ever after, the thought of a bug being up my drawers makes me crazy.

and speaking of bugs, when i got home from the gym, there was some type of shimmery water bug on the wall of my bedroom. now, truth be told, i live nowhere near any water, so i couldn't help but wonder where said bug came from. i'm sure i don't have to tell you that i wasted no time grabbing my handy dirt devil so i could suck that critter off the ceiling faster than you can say 'insect intruder.' i hope he's having fun mingling with the dustbunnies. good riddance.

meanwhile, my skin is crawling and i'm on a serious search for the hydrocortisone cream. must. not. scratch. the. itch.

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