Thursday, September 21, 2006

'if i could turn back time....' (thanks, cher)

sometimes people ask me, 'if you could go back to any portion of your life and live it over again, what part would you repeat and what would you do differently?'

it's an interesting question, really, and one for which i rarely have an answer. see, normally, i feel like all my experiences—good, bad, or otherwise—have helped shape me into the person i currently am.

okay, but now i have an actual answer. i know no one's posing the question, so i'm taking the liberty of doing it myself.

"so, sarah, if you could return to any part of your life and relive it....(you know the rest)?"

so, like, how about 15 minutes ago before i decided it was a good time of night to trim my eyebrows and i managed—in one fell swoop—to COMPLETELY REMOVE THE OUTER HALF OF MY LEFT EYEBROW?

yeah, good one.

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