Friday, September 22, 2006

'he was old enough to be my child.'**

today, i engaged in some rather random flirtation with the counter help at a rather unknown pseudo-sandwich establishment. i say 'pseudo-sandwich' because all of the sandwiches are basically wraps. and i'm sorry, but a wrap is NOT a sandwich.

now that we've gotten that cleared up, this young person with whom there was flirting was wearing a hat that was slightly askew. he informed me that he had just moved down here from brooklyn, and he was studying for the LSATs next week (he also told me how nervous he was, to which i replied that he'd be just fine). all during this flirtation, a rather forward man from some south asian country (my vote is for india) was insistently shouting out the names of various wraps i should try, but he was also mumbling while he shouted. i'm not sure how this is possible, but trust me, it was working, because even though he was loud, i couldn't understand him. i was making out words here and there....'somethingsomething TURKEY' and 'SOUTHWEST somethingsomething.' really, i was trying to ignore him. mr. skewed-hat was giving me his opinion on the most popular menu items and i prefer flirty to shouty-mumbling.

so, feeling pressured because i was the only customer, and i was being stared at by these two gentlemen who seemed excited to take my freaking order, i decided on some fun-sounding turkey wrap and stood there looking aimlessly around the store. mr. flirty didn't cease his dialogue, though. he asked me where i worked, and when i told him, he inquired further as to what we do there. when i told him, he replied simply, 'word.'

so i'm all like, 'totally.'

how old am i again?

okay, so the verdict is that the pseudo-sandwich was rather tasty, and i will, in all likelihood, be back to try some other variety (hopefully without the shouty-mumbling). and mr. flirty skewed-hat, wherever you are, good luck on the LSATs.

**this is what i informed my coworker when she asked me how young i thought mr. flirty skewed-hat really was.

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