Friday, September 29, 2006


the last several days have been one big blur. first salimah's dad passed away. then her grandfather fell down some stairs and is now on life support in the hospital; he may or may not make it. these two things are very overwhelming and have been consuming much of my emotional energy and concern for salimah's family - one of her sisters in particular.

on top of all of that, my phone (my one and only phone) is almost dead, and i can't afford to buy a new one; i owe the electric company a TON of money, because the summer's rate hike totally killed me; and my right eye is swollen and i'm wondering if there's something really wrong.

other than all of THAT, i'm really tired. i mean really tired. i haven't felt like myself for days. i don't think i'm sleeping very well. i just hurt for salimah and her family, and i can't believe all of this has transpired since tuesday....

after work tonight, i got salimah from the light rail, and she and a couple of coworkers of mine met up for drinks and dinner. it was nice to be out and about, having some cocktails, but i also felt very strange and out of place....things feel very different right now. maybe i'm just suffering from exhaustion, but it seems like something more. it's hard to live your life in 'situation normal' mode when nothing is normal. it's way too disorienting.

and i can't even finish this post with some type of witty ending, so i'm just ending it. right here.

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