Saturday, September 23, 2006

everyone knows i'm in over my head....

i don't know what's up with me, but i can't seem to get moving today. i had all this stuff i wanted to accomplish before noon, and i've done none of it. in fact, i laid in bed this morning and watched the movie 'baby boom' on TNT or TBS or one of those cable channels that shows 80s films on weekend mornings.

in a couple of hours, i'm going to an annual chile party (no, not chili) with salimah, something i've been looking forward to since last year's bash. what's not to like: delish food, plentiful sangria, and lots of fun people whooping it up (last year, there was even a broadway showtune-singing portion of the evening). my goal is to eat well, laugh a lot, and hopefully not make a fool out of myself in front of any coworkers....

now then, my phone is basically dead. and i'm more than just a little annoyed about this because a) it's my only phone (i have no land line) and b) sprint recently changed their 'once-every-18-months-we-give-you-money-for-a-new-phone' policy to a two-year thing, so i'm basically screwed for another three months. at this point, i'm seriously considering some stern tones and not-so-subtle suggestions that they need to help. me. OUT. we'll see how it all shakes down, but suffice it to say that i need a new phone. one that doesn't die after 3 minutes of operation.

okay, so phone woes, slackerness, and future partying aside, i am in a serious rut here. i've never felt more strongly the need to pull everything in, assess what i've got, and make some decisions about what to do next. i need a regrouping. i've said it before and i'll say it again: my life is screaming for a makeover.

to that end, i purchased a 90-day write-on calendar this week so that i can start to map out the next three months of my life. i'm definitely feeling a detailed layout, right down to the 'these are the nights of the week i'll cook, and these are the nights i'll be eating leftovers' kind of minutia. we'll see how it goes. i just have so much that needs to be accomplished before the start of '07, and i'll be darned if i slide into the end of the year without some agenda items crossed off my master list. now if i could only carve out the time to write on the freaking calendar, i'd be all right.

is it me, or is it getting a little overwhelmed in here?

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