Tuesday, September 26, 2006


n. a short prayer comprising an invocation, petition, and conclusion

today is a sad day. my best friend in the world is, in all likelihood, about to lose the only father she's ever really known, and there's nothing that can be done—at least not by any human hands. salimah and her sisters and mom are family to me. there is no distinction; they are mine and i am theirs. and so i mourn along with them. i sit and wait with them. i pray with them and for them. their sorrow is my sorrow...their pain, my pain.

the years haven't always been kind to this family, but what i have seen is people who, despite circumstances, keep getting up and getting on with things....women whose faces bear the character that only suffering can bring. it's true what they say: pain makes you beautiful. and within the hurt, there is laughter and a fierce loyalty to one another that holds them up, even in their grief.

if you are one who prays, please join with me. this family needs comfort, support, assurance. and that man, lying in a hospital bed, needs to know the rest his life has never let him fully grasp. may God grant it to him now.

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