Tuesday, August 29, 2006

will you?

what i find incredibly interesting these days are the ways in which people traverse in and out of my life. some of them have a layover only for a few minutes, but i know they'll be back again on the next trip through town. some people barely get off the train...just wave from the window...let me see their faces and then keep on their journeys. others seem to have followed a one-way street (at least for now) straight to my door.

it's hard not to make assumptions...predictions...about how long people will stay once they arrive, but i'm really striving not to. i mean, there is at least one person whom i feel will be in my life forever, but even that is hard to fathom some days. the only constant in my life (and, i would wager, in the lives of many) is how little things stay the same.

i'm sure that something will happen any minute now to get my mind onto a different track, but for now, i'm thinking about you... and you....and YOU....and you over there, and i'm wondering if i'll see your faces again. if not, that's okay, really...or at least it'll need to be okay...but you can't blame me for wondering.

oh, and if you (you, YOU, you over there) ever trip over this entry and wonder if i'm talking about you, i guess you'll never really know, now will you?

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