Sunday, August 27, 2006

solitary refinement

with the exception of a brief foray out into the world yesterday morning, i spent the entire day at home just chillin with my bad self. i have to say that sometimes, though, i could do better. like, for instance, i seem to have a very hard time motivating myself to get things done around the house, no matter how badly they need doing. and really, the biggest reason for this is that it's just me living here. who cares if i let the dishes sit for an extra day? who cares if there are cookbooks lying on the floor of the living room? who cares that i haven't emptied the trash in my bedroom yet this week?

well, to be honest, i'm starting to care.

i think i need a priority makeover. no, i know i need one. since when did it become okay to let certain important things fall by the wayside in favor of largely meaningless endeavors? ugh. this isn't my preference in the least.

so, clearly, i need to get all taskmaster on myself and just DO what i need to do, for crying out loud. i always feel so much better once i do my chores, and they really don't require THAT much effort, truth be told.

okay, that settles it. for the next 2 hours, i'm going to put forth major effort to accomplish some things i want to accomplish. stop where i am, pivot, and walk that-a-way. good decision.


Alexis said...

Did your air conditioner get fixed yet?

sarah said...

yes, thanks for your concern!!