Saturday, August 12, 2006

it's saturday morning and i'm sitting at my desk looking out the window. i just ate a peanut butter cookie that i got yesterday from a cafe near work. in a few minutes, i'll be talking to a girl whom i'm helping write/revamp her resume. by the way, if any of you out in the world need resume services, i'm available (and my rates are reasonable).

this is the season of freelance work for me, i hope. i'm greatly in need of funding for my existence (a.k.a. project 'make ends meet'), and i'm trying to scrounge around for any editing work i can get on top of my 40-hour-per-week job. oy vey. this so isn't what i hoped for myself at this point. but, in the grand tradition of my family, i will brace myself against the oncoming current and push headlong through this situation until i come out on the other side. no use bellyaching; as ever, it is what it is.

i'm actually rather excited about this weekend. i have no actual plans, other than some work that i got yesterday afternoon (again, it's all about the extra cash). i won't get to see my beloved salimah, in all likelihood, but i cherish the thought of not having to leave my apartment if i don't want to. i plan on napping to my heart's content, watching a few movies, and enjoying some delicious peaches, blueberries, and strawberries i picked up at wegman's the other day.

life feels a bit lovely just now. lovely weather. lovely phone calls. lovely plans.

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