Friday, August 25, 2006

i have an announcement to make:

*drum roll*

(cue cheesy fake horn 'ta-da' sound)

i'm officially addicted to unsweetened, fresh brewed iced tea with lemon. i want it all the time. i order it whenever i go out to any type of food and/or beverage establishment. heck, sometimes i even plan my day around being able to procure it. it's a problem, i know....

wait....or is it?

i mean, it has no calories, less caffeine than coffee (and frankly, i wouldn't mind if it were decaf or even herbal tea - i'm that committed), and it makes me happy. is that a bad thing? i mean, really.

no, see, what's bad is that yesterday i ate french fries AND a pre-packaged ice cream treat, all before 4 p.m. not today, though. today i was rather good and even got a veggie powerhouse sandwich when i went out for lunch with some of the girlz from work (WITH an unsweetened iced tea, of course!!).

okay, so i've just confessed my addiction, admitted my pseudo-shame, and then rationalized my way through it. i don't know about you, but that wore me out, so now i'm going to seek some dinner.

happy friday!

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