Thursday, August 10, 2006


the day i took this picture, i was hurting. my throat felt raw with sick, my lungs were wheezing (i am now convinced i had pneumonia, which is why i am still not better), and i was worn out. but my soul felt at peace...calm...and there was no question in my mind that i was going to take my weary self and climb the path up the side of this mountain to see a waterfall. the photo doesn't do it justice -- the view through the trees was unbelievably beautiful: the mist hanging on the mountains, the water in the distance, the sun intermingling with clouds. it was a metaphor that day for my own restless self...the light of truth mixed in with all the unanswered questions, the fumbling prayers. i needed to capture an image of me from the inside. this is one that says it best.

it's been over a month since i was in that place, but every day, i miss it still. i know i'm going to long for it until i can go back there again. sick or no, it was the best vacation i've ever taken...the most necessary one at that. and i was allowing the sadness that had been hanging around me for the month prior to just drift out the open windows of my car...around every turn in the road up the mountain, i let go more and more of what was (or might have been) and began to embrace the moment, the possibility of another day, the truth of what is...what always will be.

asheville, i miss you....promise me it won't be too long till we meet again....