Saturday, July 29, 2006

okay, so i'm, like, super boring, in case no one has yet noticed (although i'm sure everyone has). my entire life has been consumed of late with this blasted illness, and because i've had precious little to say, i haven't been up for writing much.

but let me sum up (you know how i love the list as an entity):

1. my bff has a jones for a literary lion (with a great smile).
2. i had some medicinal shots of jameson's last weekend, and you know - it wasn't half bad. (then again, what do i know? i can't taste anything.)
3. i had dinner with some gals from work the other evening, and it was such a chick experience (replete with talk of waxing and other girl things), it nearly made me want to paint my toenails.
4. i'm obsessed with the gnarls barkley song 'crazy' and the john legend/snoop dogg collaboration 'i can change.'
5. i lost 4.3 pounds this week without even trying. (i hope this doesn't mean that i actually have something that is killing me slowly.)
6. i'm planning a secret trip with someone artistic and fantastic. (ooh, that sounds mysterious!)
7. i smile a bit more often these days.
8. that about does it for now.

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