Saturday, July 15, 2006

in summation

i'm not even going to beat around the bush here. my sinuses hurt. i've got pressure, discomfort, and some major ick up in there. a friend at work started calling me mucus girl. i know. it's gross, but i'm thinking i need an action figure.

in other news, my beloved amy perbeck is in town, and together, we are too fantastic to even believe. later today, we'll be going to an o's game with my folks (my mom got 4 free sky box tix!), so i'm hoping the weather holds....

really, very little has been going on in my life over the last few days, except that i'm trying for a new record of how many tissues i can run through in a 24-hour period. i'm thinking guinness will be getting a call from me any time now....

i'm off to watch a dvd of something amusing...chill out for a bit before i venture out into the heat later on.

how 'bout dem o's, hon!!

1 comment:

Kimberly said...

Sorry your sinuses are still bothering you. I sure hope you feel better soon! {{{hugs}}}