Friday, June 30, 2006

this time tomorrow

when the sun comes up again, i'll be preparing to leave my home for a week to travel to the land of sweet tea and y'all. i'm SO ready for this trip that i haven't even worried about how it will all come together (i'm such a planner-aheader usually). i just want to be there, sit on the porch, read books, sleep in, drink cocktails, watch movies, wander around shops and visit fun cafes, and spend time with the other person in this world who totally gets me.

i plan to drink in my surroundings, take lots of photos, and bring this vacation back to maryland with me, so that it will sustain me through what promises to be a very long summer.

and note to myself on the eve of 31: keep yer wits about ye. continue to slow your roll. but with that being said, jump in with both feet, arms in the air, lungs filled with praise, eyes wide open. keep moving, sarah. just keep moving. don't give up this time. you're doing it. you're doing it.

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