Monday, June 26, 2006

reunited and it feels so good....

i went to the gym after work today, and i have to say - it was a struggle to get myself there. i was SOOO tired and a few things had bothered me enough that my emotional energy had been sapped right out of me.

but, i suited up, filled my water bottle, and made my way in the rain to the only place where i can really zone out these days. on my way in, i picked up the latest people mag and got to steppin' was my first time reading on the treadmill and - i gotta say - i liked it!!

looks like i'm gonna be catching up on some oprah magazines very soon!

in other news, my birthday's in 5 days and i'm feeling tremendous ennui about it. i guess there's a part of me that fears it will go by relatively unnoticed (and certain events of the day did nothing to assuage that fear), which - if i may be honest - would suck.

but, enough of that for now. i've got an eggplant parm in the oven (it's a trader joe's deal; i hope it's decent.) and i'm going to take a shower in a minute. then it'll be all about trying to stay awake until bedtime. i love the exhaustion only exercise can bring!

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Kimberly said...

I have to say, I've been a little off w/exercise of late. I never want to do it, but than I do and I feel better for it.

How was the eggplant parm from TJs? I saw it the other day but passed, need the info from you to see if I should have gotten it.