Monday, June 12, 2006

okay, so, yeah....

i'm so seriously sore right now, i can't even tell you. today was the third big workout in a row, and i think i'm really gonna have to take tomorrow off. i mean, no lie. my legs are HURTING. i wonder if this is because of my new shoes. my body is like, 'what are you doing with my arches - giving them this support? i shall rebel by making you HURT.'

my body is a pain in my butt. seriously.

on top of it, it's been a rough day otherwise. i'm thinking i'll turn in early tonight and try to sleep my blues away.

oh, but one thing: the asian chicken salad (with grilled chix, of course) from mcdonald's is ACTUALLY pretty good. and not bad for you. and filling. at least temporarily. the bear in my stomach is already growling again, and it's only been 1.5 hours since eating. dude. this working out thing is some serious biz.

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