Wednesday, June 28, 2006

my boyfriend's back....

due to a wardrobe malfunction (thank you, janet jackson), i didn't make it to the gym today. it was just as well, really. i was SUPER tired and needed to do some dishes i'd been neglecting for a day or so. the thing about the gym is that it's like a good boyfriend in that you want to spend lots of time with it, but it means that you can often wind up neglecting your other responsibilities due to exhaustion and things just not really seeming nearly as important:).

don't misunderstand me. i'm not saying that men are gyms, or vice-versa. although i enjoy spending time with both - if they're of the right ilk.

in other news, people keep asking me if i've started packing for my vacation, and they seem truly shocked when i tell them that i haven't. anyone who knows me knows that i pack at the last minute. otherwise, i wind up needing too much of the stuff i'm planning to take, and then i have to pull it back out anyway. not practical, people!

i'm getting more and more ready to be away...more and more in serious need of an escape...more and more realizing how much rest is required right now. besides, i have to rest up; when i get back from vacation, i'll be meeting up with a personal trainer, and i'm sure my butt will get summarily kicked. needless to say, i'm excited:).

in all seriousness, i'm really looking forward to a week in which i can chill with my parents and my best salimah:). we're gonna have a blast, i think....and hopefully take in some good sights, eat some yummy food, perhaps procure a number of fun items for keeps, and have one heck of a road trip adventure.

but, tomorrow is another day in between now and then and, God willing, i'll be making it to the gym!

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