Wednesday, June 21, 2006

half full, half empty - who cares?!

has it ever occurred to anyone that the working world is like one big pyramid scheme? i'm serious. i mean, you sit through dog and pony shows that companies put on to entice you to come and work for them. (look at our benefits package! look at how happy our employees are! look at how we have free hand lotion in the bathroom!) then, you decide that maybe, just maybe, it's the place for you and so you invest all this stuff up front in the hopes that things will pan out in the end. but truthfully, you're taking the hugest risk that they may or may not be pulling the wool over your eyes in the process as a way to get you in the door. and you also begin to realize after not too much time has gone by that YOU, my friend, are the reason that the higher-ups are taking fancy vacations, driving nice cars, and sending their children to europe for spring break while you're buying discounted meat at the grocery store in the hopes that you can stretch it with some rice into three nights' worth of dinners. do you see how the pyramid is forming here? so few of them with all the money and so many of you with none of it....

now, i'm not speaking about anyplace or anyone in particular here, but how many of us have been roped into a scenario that sounded that it would be just as easy/effortless/successful as ray crock starting up his first mcdonald's (this was the presentation i received on two separate occasions when someone tried to get me to go in on his 'business venture.')? here's a brief synopsis of my experience with situations like that:

1. nothing that is presented to you at the outset comes anywhere close to panning out in the way in which it was promised.
2. chances are, the dude (in my first true pyramid presentation, it was a dude from my then-church) making the presentation - while presenting himself as totally above board and what-not - is actually trying to score himself a date with you. and, let's face it, you don't want to date him.

okay, seriously, i know i sound all bitter and stuff, but would you believe me if i told you i'm not? really. not bitter. just weary of the ways of the world. wishing i were on my vacation right freaking now. amazed that another year has gone by and i'm going to be 31 soon and i'm still hoping that i'm gonna win that lottery despite the fact that i don't play....

ah well. when you're on the bottom rung, there's nowhere to go but up!!

oh, and brief mini-update: i'm back in the game (or gym, as the case may be). i went last night for an hour, and i felt great. broke in some insoles i'd bought, and although my foot is sore today, i'm going back tomorrow. yay persistence!!


Alexis said...

Was the pyramid scheme you were presented Quickstar (a subsidiary of Amway)? They have been attacking people in churches a lot, including my former one.

sarah said...

alexis, i don't recall. this was more than 5 years ago....but yes, there was one person who talked to me about amway or something very similar.