Sunday, June 11, 2006

before bedtime

today was a good day. i started it off with an early morning hour-long workout, followed that by a yummy breakfast burrito (whole wheat tortilla, scrambled eggs, cuban black beans, lite cheese, lite sour cream, and salsa) and some grapefruit juice, watching a movie with my best friend, a nice hot shower, a quickie nap, and then a shopping trip out with salimah and a friend from work, whose birthday present to me this year was a pair of new athletic shoes (the specific shoe i got was the adrenaline). the store we went to was fabulous, because the owners waited on us, and i got a REAL shoe fitting and an assessment of what my feet are doing these days (i had my theories, but it was nice to have someone else substantiate them). basically, i've been having some heel/arch pain for awhile (plantar fasciitis), and she totally nailed the reason why and gave me a shoe that will address my problem. also, i got some swell inserts for extra support and three pairs of fantastic socks that feel like a dream. i can't wait to get back on the treadmill tomorrow!!

anyway, after a quick trip to the store and a short visit at salimah's apartment, i headed back home for an easy dinner (chicken sausage, curried rice, and roasted carrots), after which i watched a truly dumb but slightly heartwarming movie. now i'm readying myself for sleep, because morning (as always) comes early. i feel gratified by what i've been able to accomplish over the last couple of days, but if i'm being honest, there's a bit of loneliness mixed in with the satisfaction.

*sigh* no sense in dwelling on it. i'm off to bed. 'night, world....

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