Saturday, June 10, 2006

back on track (or tread, as the case may be)

this morning i slept in a little - until 8:30 - and then got up, took a shower, and headed off to the gym. after two days off, i wasn't sure how i would feel getting back onto the treadmill. the answer was clear: i felt fantastic. i did an hour and then came back home for a protein-intensive late breakfast (i had eaten a clif bar beforehand), and then i watched a movie and took a nap (early afternoon naps are THE best). honestly, exercise exhausts me...but in a good way.

so, now i'm off to shower again, get salimah, and then later we're scheduled to have dinner with an old friend, her hubby, and their new baby.

what i can't help but be amazed at, though, is the fact that if one makes the decision to put one's body on a schedule, one's body eventually has no choice but to comply. that is glorious - to be in charge. with every step on the treadmill, every calorie burned, i thanked God that i have the choice to take charge or not. and i'm taking it.

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Devika said...

that's great that things are going so well! I still get exhausted from workouts sometimes, but it's always gratifying to get it done.