Saturday, June 03, 2006

abs of steel

i have been joking with my coworkers over the last couple of days that at the VERY least, i'm getting a serious ab workout from all the coughing i've been doing. um, okay, so i'm not really kidding. my stomach muscles hurt in that 'i've been doing 200 crunches a day' kind of way. yes, i've been coughing that much. last night, it was so bad, i just couldn't get it to stop for awhile. i was on the phone with salimah, and she began to think i was crying, because the coughing kind of morphed into this sort of sob-like sound. it was just me trying to breathe. at least this is what i would have told her if i COULD HAVE.

really, i'm fine now. well, not so much, really. but i will be. at least i hope i will be....

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