Friday, May 05, 2006

sleep of the dead

last night, i got less than three hours' sleep. let me just say: it made for an interesting day at the office! i was uber hyper until about noon-thirty (adrenaline overload) and was particularly funny, apparently, because coworkers kept telling me how my anecdotes seemed all the more 'kicked up' and i was even throwing in more (than usual) 10-cent words left and right. at one point i used the phrase 'the most salient point' while looking truly crazed during an editing meeting, and i got two serious sideways glances....hilarious.

i must say, for someone who's so sleep deprived, i feel pretty darn good. no matter, though. i'm about to go lie in between my cool sheets and listen to the barefoot contessa whip up some delights while snoozing away the rest of the afternoon.


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