Friday, May 12, 2006

get crabby, hon

if you're not from maryland, you may not fully understand how much marylanders love their crabs. every year at my company, we have an annual 'kick off the summer' crab feast, and i have to say: i have officially crossed over.

let me give a brief history....

i've always loved crab meat. this would include anything from crab cakes to crab imperial, crab dip, you name it. but i'd never cracked open a crab and eaten the meat out of its every nook and cranny, overlooking all the icky 'stuff' inside and searching like a true pirate for my crab booty (okay, that sounded bad). but last year, salimah sat me down and taught me how to truly pick a crab and, i gotta tell ya, i was HOOKED. it's fun; it's festive; it's messy. hey, it's MARYLAND, people.

so, here i sit, sunburned, shirt speckled with old bay, spice rub under my fingernails, and the smell of crustacean all over me, and i gotta tell ya: i'm happy as a....well....crab.

that, and i just got a bonus check this afternoon that will greatly help me with some things i need.

in about an hour, i'll leave for virginia for the weekend and spend some time chillin with my folks. i feel content just now. relaxed. secure. interesting things brewing on the horizon. it's all good stuff.

i gotta tell ya: i never thought i'd feel like i was from here. but i guess if you live in a town long enough, it becomes a part of you....and, quite frankly, you become a part of it. i live in crabtown, people. this is my home. i smell like old bay and for now, that's quite fine with me:).

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Salimah said...

i'm so proud of you!