Sunday, April 09, 2006

snapshots of my week....

coffee shops during lunch breaks.
a coworker laughing until tears poured down her cheeks.
hours droning on in the near-silent buzz of fluorescent lighting.
brief moments of joy in the midst of ennui.
busting a groove in my cubicle while no one's looking.
boring tv.
washing the dishes almost every night after dinner.
socks on the floor of my bedroom.
pile of papers (need organization) spilling under their own weight.
last page of truly crap novel.
ray lamontagne.
oaxacan shrimp and polenta.
packing tape and dust bunnies.
grocery store grime and slim-a-bear ice cream sandwiches.
hard questions answered on the fly.
itchy eyes.
restless heart.


Devika said...

what are slim-a-bear ice cream sandwiches? that sounds intriguing.

sarah said...

they're the low fat version of klondike ice cream sandwiches. not so bad....