Sunday, April 30, 2006

sadly, i didn't get much organizing done yesterday. after i blogged, i realized that instead, i needed to be cooking (hadn't eaten anything yet and knew i needed to make some food to have for later). so, i quickly defrosted some flounder fillets, baked them with breadcrumbs in the oven, and made some seared zucchini with onions and herbs to go with. also threw together a yummy salad with a citrus dressing (orange/grapefruit).

after lunching, i went and picked up salimah and we jaunted off to the library to get the next installment of books on CD (i'm telling you - it's great to listen while at work!). then, we went to church, which was quite refreshing....a good sermon on broken relationships. then a quick trip to trader joe's, an even quicker dinner, and some reading before schleep.

today i'm hoping to go to wegman's for some produce and then do some more reading. i just started a memoir called eat, pray, love. has anyone else read this? i'd be intereted to know your thoughts....

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