Thursday, April 27, 2006

it's time for a list: 30 things in no particular order and for no apparent reason

1. i ate too much salad at lunch and i feel a little weird still.
2. sometimes i wonder if my top eyelids will sag when i get old.
3. i have too many magazines waiting to be read.
4. i'm craving a book on CD like nobody's business.
5. i finished two projects today and helped a coworker with one of hers.
6. kellie pickler got voted off american idol last night. (i can't express how this pleases me.)
7. my dentist (not her staff) returned a phone message from me so that i could reschedule my appointment. i'm so impressed with her.
8. for the last three days, i never seem to have time to put my socks on before i leave the house. hence, they wind up in my purse and i stick them on immediately upon entering the office.
9. i realize that #8 makes me very weird.
10. i don't really care.
11. if a man wrote me a good poem, i'd probably want to marry him.
12. i don't really like cottage cheese.
13. i love binder clips.
14. i wish i could afford some new athletic shoes.
15. i find sudoku puzzles swell.
16. i've realized that fancy coffee beverages often make me ill.
17. i miss my cat.
18. i never did learn how to roller skate.
19. i can, however, wiggle my ears.
20. i wish i could cook for a living.
21. real simple is my favorite magazine.
22. sometimes i break out in hives for no apparent reason. but usually just a few hives. and often just for 5 to 10 minutes.
23. i love jack black.
24. as a child, i used to cry whenever i heard the song 'puff, the magic dragon.'
25. i took piano lessons from the ages of 6 to 12.
26. once, my piano teacher threw up during my lesson. i don't think it had anything to do with my playing.
27. i love fun post-its.
28. some music only sounds good through headphones.
29. i have become particularly fond of this one particular lip balm from bath and body works. i may buy stock.
30. suddenly i feel the need to make some pancakes. ain't gonna happen.

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Salimah said...

You are the queen of the list, baby.