Saturday, April 29, 2006

hit the stacks

for some reason, i'm stressin' out over this bag of books and CDs that i need to return to the public library. they're not overdue or anything, but i just don't like the feel of them hanging around longer than they need to. it's clear to me that i'm not reading several of the things i chose; i suppose i'd have done it by now.

there is definitely this thing in me that craves the change of scene. now, in many ways, i like consistency and am not someone who simply walks out on relationships or commitments or projects (without putting a great deal of prayer and thought into it first), BUT i've also got a bit of the instinct that says we should be moving forward here. perhaps that just makes me normal. not sure yet. i DO know that i have never felt like the kind of person who could just stay in one place for 30 years. even if that means moving to a new house or switching jobs - even if within the same town - that little bit of change helps keep me interested.

this is probably the reason that i consider going back to grad school at least once every 3 or 4 months. now, truthfully, i'm not convinced in my heart that it's what i should be doing in this season of my life, but i think it's good to always be thinking it through, exploring the options, evaluating what i could or should be doing 'next.' it wouldn't surprise me if i wind up there someday. the thing that remains to be seen is what field i'd even want to pursue -- education, law, social work, culinary arts. we shall see....

in other news, i've got far too many papers that need sorting, and i promised myself earlier in the week that i'd tackle them today. later, i'll be hangin' with salimah, going to church, and who knows what other adventures we'll find? it's promising to be a lovely day around these parts, so i'm hoping there's some fresh air involved in the day somehow.

in the mean time, i'm off to purge the clutter and get organized!

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