Friday, April 21, 2006

every new beginning is just some other beginning's end....

today after work, i drove to my salon and got my hair cut. it was such a delicious experience. i always love getting my hair washed by someone else - the head massage is the best. anyway, it had been 3 months since i'd gotten anything done to it, and people at work were starting to harass me a bit - wondering why i'd stopped styling my hair nearly as frequently. i informed them that the style was, in fact, faded, in my opinion, so they were glad to know that i had scheduled an appointment for this afternoon. (truly, it blesses my heart to know that the people i work with care about such things in my life.)

anyhoo, my hair stylist is a laugh-riot. she's just kind of ADD and fun and random, and the best part is - she does some good hair. i've already sent two friends to her, and they loved the whole experience. it's amazing what 50 or 60 bucks can do for your life.

in other news, salimah's moving tomorrow and this week has been the time for making any final preparations. thank God we spent so much time packing over the last couple of months; it has made these final hours manageable. so, tonight, after a very light dinner at panera, we're back at my place just chillin. i'm glad for her that she gets to move to such a spacious apartment, which, by the by, has a sweet view of the parts of baltimore she seems to love best: the train and 1920s post-industrial architecture. turning to the next page, so to speak, is always a good thing.

utter non-sequitur: i just found out today that ray lamontagne is playing at wolf trap on august 1, and tix go on sale tomorrow. peops, i am so there. this man won my heart the first time i heard his voice. there's no WAY i'm not going....especially since it's his only U.S. date currently scheduled.

now then, i'm off to rip some CDs so i can return them to the library sometime tomorrow. i finally finished 'the namesake' the other day while at work and i nearly sobbed at my desk when it was over. for the last few tracks, as the narrator was finishing, i kept hoping that somehow i had forgotten that there was actually another CD. i just didn't want to leave the characters; they captured me so early on. for anyone who has yet to read it, please give it your utmost consideration. the prose is just places heartwrenchingly lovely.

i realize this was a bit of a newsy post. something more pithy to come soon...i promise:).

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