Tuesday, April 25, 2006

although i was waylayed on monday with a bit of a stomach bug, i seem to be back in the game. of course, i don't want to speak too soon, but i'm hopeful, since i managed to eat a fairly normal dinner without too much of a problem.

and speaking of dinner, i am ALL about the wine sauce lately. anyone who knows me knows that me likie cook with liquor, but for some reason, it seems like everything i've made in the last few weeks has had some form of wine sauce....now, granted, i haven't been cooking nearly as much, but STILL. so tonight was no different. i had some seared chicken cutlets, portabella mushrooms, and onions in a red wine sauce laced with balsamic vinegar and herbs. i ate that over some texmati brown rice with some green onions thrown in for good measure (trying to use them up) and a hearty sprinkling of raw orange pepper on top. delish! and, to boot, there was very little fat in what i cooked. just about 2 tsp of herbed olive oil on the chicken pieces and a tiny bit of brummel and brown (yogurt spread) on the rice. simplicity of flavor is key.

in other news, the wind is gusting outside my window, knocking things about and having what i can only assume is one heck of a partay. nights like this are always kind of exhilarating but a bit nerve-wracking, because there is the ever-present paranoia that some piece of loose debris will blow into my little car sitting out there all alone. let's just pray that doesn't happen....

newsflash: i can't deal with busybodies. okay, so maybe that wasn't a news flash, but it's just freaking true.

also, sleep rocks. here's hoping i get some tonight:).

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cat said...

I like food. Food is good, especially yummy sauces.

I also can.not.stand.busybodies. Remember that Lois girl? Anyway, I just loved giving her tiny one-word answers when she clearly wanted major information she could pass judgment on. Awesome way to foil the busybody. "Hm. Why do you ask?" and "Huh" if they even bother to answer that, work wonders.