Saturday, March 04, 2006


yesterday ended a truly grueling week work-wise. i was so busy, it was hard to come up for air. BUT, i got my huge project done, and now i can relax a bit into some slightly less demanding tasks. important, but not as deadline-driven.

after work, i went to drop some empty boxes off at salimah's place in preparation for her upcoming move, and then we went to donna's at cross keys (where donna herself was hanging out and clearing tables last night) and had a lovely dinner: warm roasted beets, goat cheese, and orange slices over arugula with raspberry vinaigrette to start, and their warm roast beef sandwich with roasted onions, provolone cheese, and tomatoes on toasted ciabatta with horseradish mayo. so divine. our waiter had lovely blue eyes and was very johnny-on-the-spot with bringing refills and answering my somewhat annoying (i'm sure) questions with ease and aplomb. when it came time to order dessert, salimah had already been eyeing a chocolate mousse tart at the next table (basically, pure, melt-in-your mouth mousse on some type of barely-there crust), and as "johnny" (whose name was jeff, actually) ran down the list of other options, my ears perked up when i heard about a lemon concoction. when he finished speaking, i looked at him simply and said, 'you had me at the lemon tart.' we exchanged a brief moment of banter in which he seemed to understand, on a visceral level, how much the lemon (as an entity) means to me:). anyway, he trundled off to collect our sweets as we talked animatedly about our ridiculously long days, flirty vibes with younger boys (salimah!!), and inappropriate comments from sweet but kind of dirty older men. it was funny and charming, and the women at the tables next to us were kind of endearing in a way.

a few moments later, our waiter returned with one plate, containing only the chocolate mousse creation and informed me, regretfully, that there was no more lemon tart to be had that evening. i was disheartened, to be sure, but i asked for an extra fork and salimah and i proceeded to share her delight. i'm telling you, this mousse was like buttah. a couple of minutes into wolfing it down, however, johnny shows up with another plate and a bit of spring in his step and gleefully informs me that he has, in fact, searched and found me the last piece of lemon tart in the building. i think i may have gasped out loud.

so, it was on to sharing dessert #2, which was JUST as delightful, although completely different than the chocolate love. we left feeling fully satisfied, warmed up, and ready to slide our way into a good night's rest in preparation for today's packing endeavor.

what struck me most about that dinner experience was that my waiter treated me the way that a man should. he was patient and kind. he engaged me in what interested me, and he knew when something meant a lot, and he tried his best to make that happen. it made me realize more and more how the dearth of men in my life over the last several years (friends-only men, even) has really impacted me. it's left a longing there to be known by some interesting, kind male people who are also trying to find their own way in this world. people with whom you can grab a drink and talk about whatever, without there being strings. people with whom if something DID develop into more, it would be out of pure interest and not emotional baggage. besides, i have women friends in spades at this point in my life. what i lack is much in the way of male presence.

so, short of hanging out at that donna's and waiting for mr. on-the-spot to strike up a convo, i need to place myself in other scenarios where the possibility of friendship is imminent.

who knew that a lemon tart could open up the world like this?

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Devika said...

I remember Kate having a post like this, maybe a year ago? I am like you, with more female friends than male ones. Now, I have male friends, but they are through marriage to my female friends. A little different.