Tuesday, March 28, 2006

okay, okay, so i've been horribly remiss about posting lately. let's just say that i've been busy and leave it at that, shall we?

in truth, i've been up to all sorts of things--visiting with peops, working, figuring out my life, working, helping salimah pack, working, and thinking very important and interesting thoughts....you know the drill. my weeknights are filled with dinner making, TV watching (this is the best time of the year tv-wise for me), chit-chatting with friends, and oh yes, SLEEPING. i went through a period of weeks where i was lucky if i made it past 8:30 before zonking out on the couch. pathetic, i tell you.

so, at this point, i've got a few things brewing, but i'm hesitant to write about them here just yet. suffice it to say, though, that i'm trying to change and by the grace of God, i might just be able to do what it is that i want to do....we'll see.

before i jet to watch american idol, big thanks to all 2 of you in the blogosphere who still drop in to see if i've posted. when i make it big, you'll be at the top of the 'thank you' list;).

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