Sunday, March 12, 2006


what a great weekend i've just had!!

friday, i cut out of work early and met up with my parents in annapolis (they had come up for a weekend getaway). we had dinner together, just the three of us, which included some nice wine and lots of chatting. the food was just okay (we ate at the treaty of paris restaurant), but it was really more about the chance to see one another anyway....

i drove to and fro with the windows down, wind in my hair (oh, how i love it!), listening to ray lamontagne, a recent discovery of mine that salimah is now also loving. when i got home that night, i went to sleep relatively early for me (10:45, i think it was) and got up early on saturday morning to do some laundry and pay some bills in anticipation of needing to leave and gather salimah for annapolis part deux.

so, once i collected her, we headed back down there. the weather was even more beautiful yesterday than it had been on friday. we met up with my parents at hard bean coffee and books where the owner made me a 'killer' blood orange tea cooler with lime (my original choice had been less than stellar, and he promised me something much better for free). his creation was, indeed, much better than mine....

so after talking for awhile about the business salimah and i are trying (slowly) to get off the ground, we ambled over to buddy's crabs and ribs for lunch. then we did some window-shopping and after parting ways with my parents, salimah and i got some ice cream (at the annapolis ice cream company - so yums!) and then headed back out of town. on the way home, i managed to score some nice work-appropriate (but walking friendly) shoes at rack room and then we hit the n.y. pizza company in owings mills for some delightful pepperoni calzone (with ricotta in it - so heavenly) and an italian hot cut.

today, after getting some much-needed tidying and organizing done, i decided to take us out to dinner at bonefish grill. we had some truly delicious drinks (georgia peach martini for her and passion fruit martini for me) and a really wonderful meal of grilled pork chops with fontina cheese and a mushroom-wine sauce. after splitting a piece of key lime pie for dessert, we trundled off to the car, i dropped her home, and here i am back in the quiet of my place. tomorrow morning will come early, i'm sure, but for now, i feel satisfied, relaxed, and glad to have had such a full and really lovely weekend.

meanwhile, ray is singing me into the oblivion, and i'm sure that crawling into bed is right around the corner.

g'night, world.

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Misnomi said...

I haven't eaten at an Applebees in ages because the last few times I went I had the same nasty experience.

Miss you. Maybe we can hang out this summer and catch up.